Thank you for purchasing an Emily Westwood product! This product will certainly serve you well and accompany you in many special moments. We hope you enjoy this product and share these moments with us on social media. We want you to be always satisfied with our products. You are our inspiration to do our best. Thank you and don't forget: you are important to us!



There is only one and unique world full of rivers and mountains, forests and seas, flowers and trees and with the moon, the stars and the sky. Millions of years go by, the seasons change, but the breathtaking natural beauty of our world remains. There is only one in the world. You are exceptional. You are unique. Over time, your thoughts and dreams may change, but your beauty will remain. At Emily Westwood, we take inspiration from nature and the breathtaking beauty of our world. We believe that there is no better designer than nature. In nature, even the simplest things are incredibly beautiful.

We want to find the most beautiful colors in nature and reproduce them in our products so that you can always carry a part of our beautiful world with you. With our products we bring the beauty of nature into your life and invite you to close your eyes, stop time and enjoy the moment. Imagine yourself in a beautiful place, take a deep breath, relax and take in the fullness of life because you are as beautiful as our world. With the beauty of the sunset another day comes to an end and this promises us a new beginning ... The beauty of the sunrise brings a new beginning to your journey in this fascinating world ... Let yourself be inspired by the beauty of nature , let this beauty in your soul know



Emily Westwood Jewelry products are made from high quality materials. For example, made of stainless steel, real crystals, glass beads and semi-precious stones. The quality assurance team checks that the jewelry meets the quality standard and ensures that customers receive only the highest quality products. With the right care, the beauty of your stainless steel jewelry from Emily Westwood will last for a long time.

Stainless steel jewelry consists of pure stainless steel of the highest quality. The good thing about stainless steel is that it won't corrode or rust. Even if this type of steel is very robust, the material can become discolored or scratched. Therefore, there are a few simple rules you should follow to keep your stainless steel jewelry in good condition.



Stainless steel jewelry is pretty easy to clean. Just follow these steps:

  1. Put some warm water in a small bowl and add a small amount of mild dish detergent.
  2. Dip a soft, lint-free cloth in the soapy water and gently wipe the stainless steel jewelry with the damp cloth until the jewelry is clean.

Rub the jewelry along the cut lines.

  1. Wipe off the remaining soap with a damp cloth dipped in plain water.
  2. Thoroughly dry the jewelry with a clean cloth and then allow the jewelry to air dry.

When your stainless steel jewelry is clean, you can buff it with jewelry polish or a polishing cloth.



Even if stainless steel jewelry does not tarnish or rust and does not require special care, it can be scratched.

You should therefore wear and store your jewelry in such a way that it comes into contact with other objects that can damage your stainless steel jewelry as little as possible.

If your jewelry is scratched, you can always have it professionally polished by a jeweler.

Keep your stainless steel jewelry separate from jewelry made from other metals. It is best to keep your stainless steel jewelry individually in jewelry bags.



Emily Westwood Jewelry provides a limited warranty on Emily Westwood Jewelry products purchased from an authorized Emily Westwood Jewelry dealer. This guarantee only covers manufacturing defects in products. 

Warranty Limitations. This limited warranty does not apply to Emily Westwood Jewelry products that are not covered by warranty documentation at the point of sale. In addition, it does not cover damage caused by, among other things, accidents, exposure to chemicals, dyes, water, heat or fire, modifications, improper use (whether such uses are intended or unforeseen), abuse or neglect, attempted repair, normal Wear and tear, aging, improper care or cleaning, loss or theft of any kind have occurred; such determination is at the sole discretion of Emily Westwood.

This limited warranty is valid for a period of 12 months from the date of purchase. To make a claim under this limited warranty, you must return the original sales receipt and warranty document with the defective product to the original location of purchase; You must provide your name, postal address and a telephone number or e-mail address at which you can be reached during the day. The guarantee does not apply if (a) the product is returned to a location other than the original place of purchase, or (b) the original receipt or this guarantee document is not enclosed with the returned product, as these together constitute the official guarantee for your product from Serving Emily Westwood Jewelry.


At Emily Westwood's discretion, Emily Westwood Jewelry jewelry that is covered by this warranty and returned under the above conditions will either be repaired (subject to the extent of the defect, the possibility of repair, and the availability of parts) by the The same piece of jewelery from Emily Westwood Jewelry is replaced or replaced by a piece of jewelery from Emily Westwood Jewelry of equal or greater value. Credit or refunds are not possible and unfortunately we cannot guarantee that you will receive the exact same product or design with replacements.

If any claims made are not covered by this warranty, the Emily Westwood Jewelry piece and all documentation submitted will be returned to you at the postal address specified on your warranty claim.

If a damaged product is outside the terms of the Emily Westwood Jewelry warranty, it may be repaired for a fee. Please note that a damaged piece of jewelry can only be repaired if the repair is feasible and spare parts are still available. Please contact your original place of purchase for the Emily Westwood Jewelry product if you are interested in this service.





Emily Westwood only uses high quality and easily interchangeable bracelets made of natural leather. If you would like to replace your bracelet with another bracelet from Emily Westwood, please follow the instructions on our website:




Many people are often unsure what the stated water resistance of a watch actually means. Can you actually dive to a depth of 50 meters with a watch that is 50 meters water resistant? No, you can't. Then why do the manufacturers write 50 meters on it? The information relates to the static pressure and not to the actual water depth at which the watch can be used. This is a common misconception. The specification "50 meters" refers to the pressure at a depth of 50 meters if this pressure were static. As the watch moves, the pressure rises well above a static pressure of 50 meters. A static water pressure of 50 meters is quickly reached even at shallow depths. Therefore, a watch with a water resistance of 50 meters should not be used for diving,


Some common watertight levels are explained below:

10 meters / 1 ATM: Only splash-proof - the watch can withstand light splashes of water and rain, but must NOT be immersed in water.

30 meters / 3 ATM: Splash-proof and waterproof with small amounts of water.

50 meters / 5 ATM: Can be immersed in water. Suitable for swimming, but not guaranteed to be close when jumping into the pool.

100 meters / 10 ATM: Suitable for swimming and diving in shallow water.

200 meters / 20 ATM: Suitable for diving - not in deep water.










Setting the time

  1. Pull the crown out to position 2.
  2. Rotate the crown to set the hour and minute hands to the desired time.
  3. Return the crown to position 1.











Setting the time and date

  1. Pull the crown out to position 2.
  2. Turn the crown clockwise until the previous day's date is shown in the date display.
  3. Pull the crown out to position 3.
  4. Turn the crown clockwise until the correct date is shown in the date display.
  5. Keep turning the crown to set the correct AM / PM time.

NOTE: The 24-hour hand moves with the hour and minute hands. When setting the time, make sure that the 24-hour hand is correctly set.


  1. Return the crown to position 1.

NOTE: With the crown in position 2, do not push the buttons. Otherwise the chronograph hands will move.

NOTE: Do not set the date between 9:00 PM and 1:00 AM to ensure accuracy.



  1. Press button A to start / stop chronograph.
  2. Press button B to reset chronograph to zero.


Resetting the chronograph to zero

  1. If one of the chronograph hands is not in the zero position (12:00), pull the crown out to position 3.
  2. Press button A to move hands clockwise; press button B to move hands counterclockwise. Each press of button A or B moves the chronograph hands one step forward or backward. Or, press and hold pusher A or B to quickly move the hands clockwise or counterclockwise.
  3. When both hands are in zero position, reset the time and move the crown back to position 1.

NOTE: When resetting to zero, the chronograph minute hand will synchronize with the chronograph second hand.













Setting the time

  1. Pull the crown out to position 3.
  2. Turn the crown clockwise to set the time.
  3. Return the crown to position 1 to start the watch.


Using the stopwatch function

  1. Press button A to start / stop chronograph.
  2. Press pusher B to read the split time and return to the running stopwatch.


Adjustment of the stopwatch hands

  1. Pull the crown out to position 2.
  2. Press pusher A to reset chronograph one-tenth of a second hand to zero.
  1. Press button B to reset second and minute hands. The hands move clockwise only.
  2. Each time you press A or B, the hands move one step. The hands move quickly when the buttons are held down.

NOTE: If the chronograph hands are not working properly, pull out the crown and press buttons A and B at the same time for at least 2 seconds . When buttons are released, the chronograph seconds and tenths of a second hands rotate and return to “0 " back. This indicates that the internal circuit has been reset.


Setting the date (only on some models)

  1. Pull the crown out to position 2.
  2. Turn the crown clockwise until the desired date is shown in the date display.
  3. Return the crown to position 1.




  1. Insert the tool (simple screwdriver or small knife) into the slot and fold up the clamping plate.
  1. On the back, slide the clasp where you want it to adjust the length of the bracelet.
  1. Press the clamping plate back down (firmly) to fix the clasp to the grooved part of the bracelet.




  1. Hook the upper part of the clasp onto the thin metal bar.
  1. Press the fastener tight.
  1. Press the cover over the clasp to lock the clasp securely.




  1. Push a small knife between the end of the bracelet and the lug to reach the spring bar. (See Figure A.)
  2. Press down on the spring bar to release the spring and remove the bracelet. (See Figure B.)
  3. Insert the spring bar from the old bracelet into the new bracelet.
  4. Insert the end of the pin into the hole in the lug. (See Figure C.)
  5. Press the spring down with the small knife so that the end of the spring bar can be inserted into the hole. (See Figure D.)



Emily Westwood warrants your Emily Westwood watch for 24 months from the date of purchase, subject to the terms of that warranty.

Emily Westwood's international warranty covers defects in material and workmanship (“Defects”) at the time of purchase of the Emily Westwood watch. The guarantee is only effective if the guarantee certificate is dated, completely and correctly filled out and stamped by an official Emily Westwood dealer ** (“Valid Guarantee Certificate”).

During the warranty period and by presenting the valid warranty certificate, you have the right to have any defect repaired free of charge. If repairs to restore your Emily Westwood watch to normal working condition are inappropriate, or if you have purchased an Emily Westwood watch whose case cannot be opened, Emily Westwood guarantees a replacement for a similar Emily Westwood watch. The warranty for the replacement watch ends twenty-four (24) months after the date of purchase of the replaced watch.

The manufacturer's guarantee does not cover:

- The life of the battery;

- Normal wear and tear and aging (such as scratched glass; discoloration and / or changes in the material of non-metallic bracelets and chains, such as leather, plastic, textile, Velcro; peeling of the coating);

- Damage to any part of the watch due to abnormal / misuse, lack of care, negligence, accidents (knocks, dents, knocks, broken glass, etc.), incorrect use of the watch and failure to follow Emily Westwood's instructions for use;

- Indirect or consequential damages of any kind resulting from, for example, the use, malfunction, malfunction or inaccuracy of the Emily Westwood watch;

- Emily Westwood watches that have been handled by unauthorized persons (e.g. for battery change, service or repairs) or whose original condition is beyond the control of Emily Westwood Ltd. was changed. The guarantee is expressly excluded for any further claims against Emily Westwood, as well as for further damage in addition to the damage described above, unless the buyer has mandatory legal rights against the manufacturer.

The above manufacturer warranty:

- Is independent of any guarantees that may be given by the seller, for which the seller bears sole responsibility.

- Does not affect the buyer's rights vis-à-vis the seller or any other mandatory statutory rights of the buyer.

Emily Westwood Customer Service will ensure that your Emily Westwood watch is properly maintained. If your watch requires service or repair, entrust the watch to an authorized dealer or Emily Westwood Customer Service, they can guarantee service to Emily Westwood standards.

For warranty repairs, please contact us at service@emilywestwood.com.


The symbol on the product or its packaging indicates that this product must be disposed of separately from normal household waste at the end of its service life. Please note that it is your responsibility to dispose of electronic equipment at recycling centers to help conserve natural resources. Every country in the European Union has collection points for the recycling of electrical and electronic equipment. For information about where to recycle, please contact your local waste management authority for electrical and electronic equipment or the dealer where you purchased the product.

  • Do not dispose of your Emily Westwood product in the normal household waste.
  • Dispose of the packaging for your Emily Westwood product in accordance with local regulations.
  • Batteries must not end up in the household waste cycle and must be disposed of separately.


For information on repairs and warranty, please email us at info@emilywestwood.com.