Welcome to the beautiful world of Emily Westwood

From the very beginning Emily Westwood was something magical and lyrical like the nature itself. Today we stick at the same idea of the creative process: everything around us can be a source of inspiration if you just attentively observe it. 

We believe that there is no better designer than nature. The magnificent beauty of our world… The mystery of sunset tells us that another day has ended and gives us a promise of a new dawn. The liveliness of sunrise gives us strength for a new beginning in this amazing world.

At Emily Westwood we try to capture breathtaking moments and perpetuate them in our accessories. We are happy to share some magical details with you that were created with a special attention – the details fall into wholeness and our mission is to offer you some stylish accents for everyday style.

We invite you to stop the moment and enjoy – you are as magnificent and unique as the world that you live in. If you just let that beauty into your soul, you will feel you are a part of something brilliant.