There’s only one world, only one and unique, full of rivers and mountains, forests and oceans, flowers and woods, moon, stars and sky. Millions of years go by, seasons change but the magnificent beauty of the nature of our world remains.

There’s only one You in the whole world. Only one and exceptional. Only one and unique. As time goes by your thoughts and dreams may change but your beauty remains.

At Emily Westwood, we take our inspirations from nature from the magnificent beauty of our world. We believe, that there is no better designer than nature. In nature, even the simplest things are so beautiful. Our purpose is to find the most beautiful shades of nature and reveal them in our products, so you could always keep the part of our beautiful world with you. With our products, we take the beauty of nature into your life and invite you to stop the moment and enjoy, close your eyes, imagine yourself in a beautiful place, take a deep breath, relax and take in the abundance of life, because you are as beautiful as our world.

The beauty of sunset tells us that another day has ended and gives us a promise of a new dawn... The beauty of sunrise tells us that’s it’s a new beginning of your journey in this amazing world… Be inspired by the beauty of nature, let that beauty into your soul knowing you are a part of something brilliant, you are a part of our amazing world.